Top 10 Modern Video Chat Apps: Video Chat Rooms for Adults

Dating apps have been around for a while, so it’s not a surprise that they’re changing with the times. One of the features that are becoming increasingly popular is video dating chat. Users can browse members, get to know them, and even speak on video to get to know each other better. It’s a safe way to engage with strangers from a distance before deciding whether to meet up in person.

Interested in seeing more than static photos of matches before dating? Below are some of the best video chat apps with cam chats for you to try. Find one that meets your needs and then check out this innovative and exciting technology for yourself.

1. – Video Dating from a Well-Established Matchmaking Site

eHarmony is a dating site that most people have heard of, but you might not know that it offers video dating options. This is a one-on-one service designed to create better connections using the app. You enter a video chatting room and can have a conversation with someone you’re interested in.

The video chat rooms are designed to promote safety. You can talk to someone without ever sharing your phone number or any other personal information.

2. – Designed for Erotic & Mature Chat Between Adults

Adult Friend Finder is an excellent adult dating site that boasts a huge community of individuals looking for flings, relationships, and more. It also happens to be one of the best video chat sites on the Internet. Swingers, BDSM enthusiasts, and all sorts of others can find a variety of rooms tailored for different preferences.

Signing up is quick and easy whether you’re looking for sex, friendship, or someone to date. It is also one of online video chat rooms with girls.

3. – Try Dozens of Virtual Date Ideas from a Distance

Video dating has changed the way a first date looks. While lots of people still head out to dinner and a movie, others turn to free video chat rooms to meet from a distance. Elite Singles offers a chance to meet a match who has the same interests as you and date virtually. The website even has several articles about video dating so you can learn ways to spice up these interactions.

When you’re looking for love online, chemistry matters. You can find out if you connect with someone you’re talking to by adding video to the mix.

4. – Live Video Chat With a Twist

Zoosk is a major player in the dating world and has also chosen to implement a video chat room for members. However, things are a little different on this platform. Users choose something they want to talk about and are connected to someone who wants to chat about the same thing. The video starts out heavily blurred but becomes clearer as you continue to chat.

If the conversation goes well, you can add the other person to your friend’s list and speak with them again in the future.

5. – A Cam Chat Room for Users Looking for Romance

Meet Me has also looked to create better safety for members using one-on-one video chats. You can join the site, find a match, and then click on a video chat icon to see them in real-time. Video chat requests are only available after two people have spoken and the recipient can choose to accept or decline. It’s a great feature that makes a popular app even more versatile for its user base.

This video chat app is made for friendship or romance and the inclusion of video lets you meet a person virtually before taking things offline.

6. – Features Vibe Checks for Easy Video Chats from the App

There are many reasons someone might want to wait to meet someone they encountered on a dating app. Regardless of the exact reason, Match now offers something called “Vibe Check,” which adds new functionality to the dating experience. A Vibe Check is carried out on the in-app video platform and offers the chance to share videos, music, photos, and more.

Since all the communication goes through Match, you can make sure your interests and personalities mesh before you move on to sharing your information.

7. – Join Chat or Cam Rooms To Learn More About Potential Partners

Bumble is an interesting dating app that lets women take the lead. With heterosexual matches, the woman is the only one who can send an initial message. But Bumble offers more than just text chat like other typical dating apps. You can also make voice and video calls from within the app. Video dating is available without exchanging numbers and is more immersive than regular texting.

Once you match with someone, an icon for video chat will show up on the conversation screen. Click on it to voice chat or add video for an extra level of intimacy.

8. – Face to Face Free Video Chat Rooms

With tons of dating apps now offering video chat, it’s no surprise that Tinder has also rolled out this functionality. The feature is called “Face to Face” and is another way to date virtually without sharing your phone number or other private information. Users can opt into the feature and use the video icon at the top of the screen to call up matches and talk to them.

Don’t worry. When you dial a video call, you’ll get a preview so you can brush your hair or tidy up your desk before you connect.

9. – Social Media Meets Virtual Dating Experiences

Facebook has been the top social media platform for a long time but has only recently become part of the dating world, too. Anyone who uses the Facebook Dating service can connect and video call matches over Messenger before going out on a date in the real world. With many people wary of going out on dates with strangers, this offers a bridge to become closer before meeting in public.

All you need to do is invite a match to a virtual date and wait for them to accept. If they do, you can start talking with video to learn more about one another.

10. – Meet Friends, Build Relationships, and Hang Out Online

The last video chat room we want to talk about is from Hily. It’s available as a mobile app and focuses on creating a space for meaningful interactions. Part of that is adding video chat to the roster so you can feel closer to the people you meet without sacrificing any safety in the process. Video calling is available globally but only after matching with someone. Users can also opt out if they prefer not to go on video.

Hily also offers the Stories video feature where users can update others about their day, similar to many major social media platforms.

Final Thoughts

The landscape of dating is changing and free video chat rooms are part of that. If you want to gauge your connection with a potential romantic or sexual partner, the apps and websites listed above give you that opportunity.

The best thing is that everything from the most popular video chatting apps, like Tinder, to smaller and focused apps, like Hily, are incorporating video for member use. So it’s easy to match, message, and now video chat with the people you encounter on dating websites.

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